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'GV Residence' takes privacy very seriously on the Internet.
We will do our best to protect information related to your privacy and prevent illegal personal information leakage and damage. Our 'GV Residence' has created a personal information protection policy in accordance with Article 7 of the Personal Information Protection Guideline designated by the Ministry of Information and Communication and specifies it.

The 'GV Residence' privacy policy may change if the government's laws or guidelines change or the 'GV Residence' policy changes. Therefore, members should check it frequently when visiting the 'GV Residence' site.
1.Personal information manager
'GV Residence' designates the person in charge of management as follows in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Guidelines (Article 15 (1)) enforced by the Ministry of Information and Communication. If you are curious about personal information protection or have any questions, please contact the manager in charge below.
Person in charge of personal information management
Person in charge: Kwangwook Kwon
TEL : 02-797-5800
FAX : 02-797-5855
E-mail: gv@gv-residence.com
2.Purpose of collecting and using personal information
'GV Residence' collects the minimum information necessary for members to order and receive goods and services, use payments, product delivery, and use various convenience services provided to members.
('GV Residence' Membership Terms, Article 15, Clause 1)
'GV Residence' can never be used for the personal information of a member provided through consent except for the purpose stated above without consent, and if the purpose and use of personal information of the member is changed, we will obtain prior consent from the member.
(Article 15, paragraph 2 of the 'GV Residence' membership agreement)
3. Personal information collection items
'GV Residence' collects only the information necessary to fulfill the purchase contract when collecting information from members. The following items are required, and others are optional.

1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. Desired ID (for members)
5. Password (for members)
6. Resident registration number (for members )
7. Business registration number (for members)
8. Email address ( For members)
4. Use and retention period of personal information
Personal information collected through your consent it was ' GV Residence " while receiving services from the 'GV Residence" held continuously and Member, ' GV Residence " will be used to support services in.
Upon request for withdrawal and loss of membership, it will be deleted immediately, and will be replayed or unavailable for any reason or method (Article 7 of the 'GV Residence' Membership Terms)
5.Provide and share personal information
Personal information provided through consent will not be used for any purpose or third party without the user's consent, and all responsibility for this is the 'GV Residence'. However, the following cases are exceptions.

1. In case of informing the delivery company of the minimum user information (name, address, phone number) required for delivery in the delivery service.
2. It is necessary for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research. If provided
6. Reading, correcting and withdrawing consent of personal information (withdrawal from membership)
Personal information registered in 'GV Residence' can be edited at any time by using the member ID and password in the [Change Member Information] screen of [Customer Center / My Information] at the top of the screen.
If you wish to delete (withdraw membership) of personal information held in 'GV Residence' , apply through [Membership Withdrawal Request] in [Customer Center / My Information] at the top of the screen or ask your personal information manager ID, resident number, name If you send it by phone or e-mail, it will be deleted immediately (withdrawal from membership)
If you have forgotten your password or ID, click [Find ID / Password] in [Customer Center / My Information] at the top of the screen and enter your name, social security number, ID, etc. Your browser or e-mail address you entered when you signed up. We will notify you of any lost information. In addition, if you contact the personal information manager by phone or e-mail, we will take action immediately.
7. Non-member customer privacy
'GV Residence' allows non-member customers to purchase products and services, and in the case of non-member orders, requests only personal information necessary for delivery, payment and product delivery. When purchasing as a non-member customer at 'GV Residence', the payer information and recipient information entered by the non-member customer will not be used for any purpose other than for payment and product delivery.
8. Minor Information Protection
'GV Residence' does not acquire personal information for minors under the age of 19 without the consent of the legal representative, and does not contract for product transactions.
9. Other personal information protection
Please note that personal information may be collected and used by others through the use of online bulletin boards or e-mails, and extra caution should be exercised when exposing personal information on publicly accessible online sites.
Individuals are responsible for managing their passwords and IDs and should not be used by third parties. If you recognize that a third party is using your ID and password, you should immediately notify the 'GV Residence' personal information manager and follow the instructions.
10.Technical / management measures for personal information protection
Matters related to cookie operation

1. 'GV Residence' uses the cookie method for member authentication. The reason for using the cookie method is that it is not stored on the PC but deleted on the PC so that it is deleted automatically when you log out, so if you use a PC that can be used by public places or others, after using the service after logging in Please log out.

2. Cookie is a small information data sent by the HTTP server to the user's browser, confirming that it is a legitimate user between the Internet web page and the user's computer. This information is stored on your computer's hard disk.

3. 'GV Residence' uses cookies to find information about ID to provide a more useful and useful service to customers. Based on this cookie information, we provide a more convenient and convenient tailored service to members.

4. Cookies are created when you log in as a member of 'GV Residence' and expire when you close the browser or log out.

5. The user can choose whether to use cookies. If you can change the settings of your web browser to allow all cookies, check that cookies are not stored, or refuse to save all cookies, you may not be able to use some services that require 'login'.
Internal Security Measures

1. 'GV Residence' limits the number of people who can handle customer's personal information to a minimum and provides regular and irregular security training to the relevant personnel. It thoroughly isolates itself from external networks and responds to external and internal intrusion. In addition, the generated personal information is shredded immediately after use, and the personal information access time of the administrator is recorded.
Network Security

1. 'GV Residence' is equipped with advanced security systems related to servers and networks. 'GV Residence' is equipped with its own firewall, intrusion detection system, and intrusion prevention system, and is taking the best measures to protect customers' personal information. In addition, a thorough system inspection is conducted through the Hyundai Information Technology IDC Center. When a customer logs in for the first time, a secure (128-bit encryption: Korea Electronic Authentication Service) connection is established, so the password other than the user's ID is encrypted. Security programs are checked every time you log in.
11. Matters related to handling personal information complaints
Members can request inquiries and complaints related to personal information using the following methods, and 'GV Residence' will take action immediately upon receipt and notify the result of processing.
('GV Residence' Membership Terms Article 21 Clause 2)

1.Internet:Reception through 'Customer's Opinion'
2.Customer Satisfaction Center: Consultation Phone 02-797-5800 / Fax 02-797-5855
3. Personal Information Manager: Jeong jiyoun (02-797-5800/gv@gv-residence.com)
'GV Residence' joins the 'Seoul Guarantee Insurance' and compensates the member for financial damages due to personal information leakage due to system hacking.
'GV Residence' can request the processing of personal information dispute mediation committee in the 'Korea Information Security Agency' for prompt and effective dispute resolution when there is a dispute with members.